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SPRING, 2024 | TBD

Kenya High Altitude Training Camp

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Iten / Kenya
Exact Dates

Train in world's running mecca

Join us for a week in beautiful Iten, Kenya, for the 2024 High Altitude Training Camp. For this camp, we are planning to bring a small group of athletes who wish to live the experience of living and training like Kenyans.

Because our last camp was a total success, we want new runners to live the experience. We gathered 17 athletes from all over the world and spent a week running in Iten and its vicinity, learning from our Kenyan team new ways of training and recovering. We hope the next camp will be just as incredible as the previous one, and we are excited to be able to share this experience with you.

Live a one-of-a-kind training experience

Run with us in Iten, Kenya, for a life-changing and unique running experience. Iten is a town located about 30 minute plane ride from the capital Nairobi and is one of the running meccas of the world. Known as the "Home of Champions", it stands out for its beautiful scenery and its powerful running culture.

Unique accommodation where Olympic
runners train

Enjoy your stay at the Lornah High Altitude Training Center (HATC) located in Iten, Kenya, where each athlete will receive a single room accomodation for the week. The center is located in the beautiful countryside of Iten, and has a track nearby, pool, sauna, sports massage, physiotherapist and other perks. The HATC has been the training home of many of the world’s greatest runners, and this is the same location where we've held all of our Running Camps.

Run with your own pacer

The Kenya Camp will be lead by coach Luis Orta, but we will also count with our talented Kenyan pacing team who will be there to teach us during our warm-up and mobility sessions. Each runner in the camp will have his/her own designated Kenyan pacer for the duration of the week, which will also be a great opportunity to learn as much as possible from your pacer.

Discover Kenya with us

Get immersed in the Kenyan countryside with us, as we explore the roads/trails of Iten and its vicinity. For the duration of the camp, we will be doing a total of two running sessions a day. That will include easy/recovery runs, track workouts, stretch and mobility sessions, one medium long run, and one long run. Other camp activities include a Safari trip, a motorcycle tour, a Masai family visit, a school visit, trips to the town local markets, and group lunches and dinners with local food. Please note, all our activities are entirely optional, even the runs!

Camp Cost

The full price for our camp is 3,000.00USD. Please refer below to see what our camp includes.

Our camp includes:

  • Transportation from and to Eldoret Airport

  • Van service for transportation during the week

  • Designated Kenyan pacer for each athlete

  • 7 Day Hotel Accommodation in Iten, single room (HATC)

  • All meals & snacks included

  • As much water as needed

  • Motorcycle Tour

  • Full Day Safari Trip to Nakuru (entrance fee & driver).

  • Half day trip to Eldoret Markets to buy presents

  • In person coaching and 24/7 company from coach Luis.

  • Professional photos and video from all runs by our team photographer

*All our activities are entirely optional, even the runs!

Not included:

  • Ticket fare to Nairobi and Eldoret, Kenya

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Kenya Camp Team

Our Kenya Camp is led by the best coaching team and our professional content creators. 

Luis Orta
Head Coach // Olympic Runner
Based in the USA
Kenya Assistant Coach
Based in the Kenya
Nate Castner
Camp Content Creator
Based in the USA
Deborah Castellanos
Camp Content Creator
Based in the USA

See Past Camp

Take a look inside our Kenya camp and get a feel for what it's like to be there with us.

Visit Kenya with Me
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Dive deep into the Running Mecca Kenya Camp with us! This episode covers the first 4 days of a week long camp and includes: training sessions in legendary places like Moiben Road, Tiren Road, Kamariny Forest, a market trip, a countryside motorbike tour, and a visit to a Masai Mara farm.

Running Unites Us
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In this episode, we revisit the Running Mecca Camp we hosted with 12 athletes from all over the world this past spring. This will give you a behind the scenes recap of what its like to join us for a Kenyan experience. This episode covers days 5-7.

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Pricing Options

Our Kenya camp offers the option to pay in full, in two payments, or with installments due monthly for your convenience. To inquire about full pricing details, please get in touch with us. And because our camps have limited capacity, make sure to reserve your spot with us today.




monthly installments

More Questions?

Our Refund Policy

Please note, we issue no refunds on our camp payments!

Our camps sell out fast, once a person reserves their spot we immediately make all payments and arrangements in Kenya. Once we have all athletes signed up we close our reservation spots, leaving others without the opportunity to register and sign up.


This is why we can't offer refunds after reservations and payments are made. Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for your interest! We will contact you shortly.

Join us for an unforgettable
experience in Africa!

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