Colombia High Altitude Training Camp

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Paipa / Colombia
Exact Dates
TBA / Fall 2022

Train in South America's running mecca

Colombia is one of the running meccas of South America. At high altitude, it offers a variety of dirt roads, beautiful tracks and amazing trails to train on. Join us this year for our very first edition of the Colombia camp, to be held in the mountains of Paipa. We are still working on the exact dates and other details, but here's what you need to know in the meantime.

Experience the mountains of Colombia with us

Colombia is every runner's heaven. At high altitude, it has beautiful vast roads perfect for solid blocks of training and getting fit. Join us for a full immersive experience into the mountains in Paipa, known amongst the runners of South America.

Open to all runners of every ability level

All our camps are open to all runners of every ability level, whether you run for fun, competitively, or just want to get fit while running. We will be taking a small group for a more personalized and fun experience, so reserve your spot soon before it fills out! 

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