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Our Running Camps

Our camps are open to all athletes of every ability level, regardless if you run just for fun, or practice it competitively! We host exclusive groups of 10-20 athletes for a more personalized, unique and immersive experience. For a list of available camps and events taking place this year please see below. And if you have any questions about these, feel free to contact us.


Boulder Summer Training Camp

This year, our Boulder camp will take place in the summer during the month of August, and will run for three days. Join us for a weekend of running and learning in the Colorado mountains and reserve your spot on our next adventure!


Kenya High Altitude Training Camp

Join us for a week in beautiful Iten, Kenya, for the My Olympic Coach 2023 High Altitude Training Camp. Learn more about what our camp offers and what to expect while you're there. 


Colombia High Altitude Training Camp

Run with us in the running mecca of South America, for a breathtaking experience in Suesca, just outside of Bogota, Colombia. Join us on our next adventure, more to come soon!

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