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Frequently Asked Questions.

While we are available to answer each and every question you may have about our camps, please find below a collection of FAQs which will help you navigate your queries!

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Who can attend the running camps?

Anyone can! They are designed for each and every type of runner, from beginner to advanced. We welcome all ability levels and ages (18+), whether you just run/walk or find yourself with great fitness, and wish to experience different cultural settings while running in a group. Whether you have a fitness goal in mind, or would like to join for fun, these camps are for you.

What is your refund policy?

Our camp payments are non-refundable. Because they sell out fast, once a person reserves their spot we immediately make all payments and arrangements in Kenya/Boulder/Colombia. This is why we can't offer refunds after reservations and payments are made. However, if we have enough time we will try to find a replacement in time, we will issue a refund, but otherwise no refunds can be made.

What will a regular day at the camp look like?

You should expect lots of running and tons of fun in our camps! We will have two runs a day starting really early in the morning, have a group lunch followed by a break, and be on our way for our second run of the day. Depending on the types of run, we pair other activities in the same day such as: local town visits, group dinners, and others.

How old should I be to join the camps?

You should be at least 18 years old to join the camps. Our average camper is between 21 and 60 years old!

How many athletes should I expect to join at each camp?

Because we want to keep our camp experiences as unique and personalized as possible, we have a maximum capacity of 12 athletes per camp and a maximum of 20. 

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