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Run with us in the world's running meccas.

We host running camps in the world's most iconic running meccas, open to all athletes of every ability level.

Travel the world to run.

Running Mecca is an initiative of My Olympic Coach, the online coaching company founded by Venezuelan Olympic runner Luis Orta. Through the past 4 years, we have been hosting running camps around the world for runners who wish to experience the sport in different local and cultural settings. Our camps are guided by Olympic coaches, and offer the most comprehensive training experience to a small and exclusive groups of 10-20 athletes of all ability levels.


Visit Kenya with Me
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Dive deep into the Running Mecca Kenya Camp with us! This episode covers the first 4 days of a week long camp and includes: training sessions in legendary places like Moiben Road, Tiren Road, Kamariny Forest, a market trip, a countryside motorbike tour, and a visit to a Masai Mara farm.

Running Unites Us
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In this episode, we revisit the Running Mecca Camp we hosted with 12 athletes from all over the world this past spring. This will give you a behind the scenes recap of what its like to join us for a Kenyan experience. This episode covers days 5-7.

Luis Orta, CEO of My Olympic Coach

Running has changed our lives, and we are grateful we can do what we love while traveling around the world and meeting new people. We are excited to have you join our running camps, and are looking forward to host you for an amazing season of training and running in the running meccas of the world. We know this will be a life-changing experience for you.


Luis Orta, CEO

A one-of-a-kind 
lifetime experience

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Train at altitude for maximum aerobic benefits.

Our running camps are held at high altitude for best performance achievements. The benefits of training at altitude come from the shortage of oxygen to the bloodstream, allowing the body to work harder and making us stronger in return. Because we plan our altitude training camps around most major races, we use them in preparation for upcoming marathons and half-marathons, or simply to enjoy a new and amazing experience.

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Run with your own pacer for the duration of the camp.

Our Kenya camp edition offers pacers for each runner (both male and female pacers), to help you maintain your target goals and get the most of your training camp. Our pacing team in Kenya is made up of the most talented local runners who work with us for the duration of the camp. We hope this will help you get immersed in their culture, train with them, and get to meet their families and witness how they train and live. 

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Get trained by experienced Olympic coaches.

 All of our running camps are guided by Olympic runners, so you can receive the most comprehensive training experience from professionals who will guide you for the duration of the camp. But don't worry, all our coaches work with runners of all ability levels, from beginners to the experienced amateur runner. 

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Open to all runners of every ability level. Worldwide.

Our camps are designed for small groups of 10-20 athletes, for a more personalized and fun experience. However, they are open to all runners of every ability level. They are designed for anyone who loves running and wants to experience the sport in a unique setting. 

Join our camps today and become part of the team!

Apart from joining our camps, you are welcomed to join our team and train with us on an everyday basis. Running Mecca is hosted by My Olympic Coach, the online and in-person coaching company that provides a unique and exclusive coaching service by Olympians. Our training programs are customized for athletes of all ages and ability levels. We provide everyday 100% personalized coaching, specific for you and your goals, alongside a group of professional nutritionists and sports psychologists that work hand in hand with our coaches to ensure a complete training experience.​

Pricing and

payment plans

Our camps are designed for groups of 10 - 20 athletes for a more personalized and fun experience. We know camps of this nature can be costly, so we got you covered with different payment options.


You can either pay for our camps in full, half, or pay in installments to be due monthly for your convenience. For specific pricing information on each camp, please get in touch with us. And, if you want to take a look at what our camps include, check out the camp pages below!

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What our athletes 
say about us.

We want our running camps to be a unique experience for our athletes. This is the reason we create groups of 10 - 20 people, so that we can get the most of our running adventure, grow, learn, and have fun. On the camps we have held through the years, this is what our athletes had to share.

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The whole Kenya experience exceeds your expectations as an athlete and as a human. Living each day like the best in the world do, sharing trainings and bumping into record holders while in the track is just a small approach of what this experience is. Each day in Kenya has its own stories, experiences and amazing memories, it’s like if time stops while you are there. Basically, what leads us to take the decision to go there is the desire to discover the secrets of the best in the world, to train with them and become a better runner. However, this is just a small part of what you take back home. This training camp transforms you as a person, gives you the tools to become a better athlete and creates amazing memories with people that will become your friends and family. It’s only been days and I am already thinking on when I’m going back!Thank you Coach Luis and Running Mecca for making MAGIC happen, this experience transformed me and gave me much more than a running experience.

Nicole Gonzales, Luxembourg

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